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Traveling Podcasts

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Quality Content for Your Business/Organization

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  • What is a Traveling Podcast?
    KnoxSpot's Traveling Podcast service is where our production team loads up our podcast equipment and travels to your place of business to record a video podcast. While there, we will develop a set and direct your company/organization's podcast. We will not leave until all scheduled episodes have been recorded, produced and possibly even uploaded (platform pending).
  • Why would I need this service?
    Any business and/or organization looking to push content, training or marketing needs a podcast. You need a traveling podcast so that your time and production is maximized. A podcast is a great marketing and educational tool for your target customer base that allows them to be entertained as well as informed and sold on a product/idea.
  • What's my return on investment? 
    Your return should always be driven by the original goal for setting up the podcast. If your goal was to inform/train your staff, then your return should be found in the productivity level of your workers. If your goal is to market yourself, your product or your service then your content should be intentional in targeting your purchasing audience. Once achieved, your return on investment can be measured by increased leads. Lastly, if your goal is to create brand awareness or educate the public, then your return can be found in the number of viewership of each episode.
  • If I decide to sign up, how will it work?
    KnoxSpot requires that all clients commit to 12 months (month-to-month there after. We do this because it takes a while to get into full stride of your podcast. Normally, we will schedule 1 recording date (at your place of business) each month and record 4-5 episodes at one time. While there, our production team will coach and direct the podcast to ensure its' highest quality. After recording, we will ask you to reserve a work space on location for our production team to finalize each podcast & design the thumbnails (typically 2-3 hours after recording). From there, they will post your podcasts to its specified social media platform (chosen by you) according to your release dates and schedule the next recording. In addition, our web design team will reach out to you to begin production of your website. If you already have a company website, then you are more than welcome to use it for another un-related project as needed.

Sample Podcast Production

True Purpose Recovery in Maryville, TN interviews one of their former residents and gives awesome testimony of the program. Podcast is hosted on their True Purpose Youtube Channel.
Vikor Scientific (opted for audio only) uses their podcast for staff trainings, case studies and education. They also send these case studies to potential clients. Podcast Station hosted on soundcloud.

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