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Film Production & Live Streaming

Knoxspot's film production team is one of the top in the industry. Specializing in medium-sized events such as concerts, sports & weddings, KnoxSpot film production takes pride in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Our packages range depending on the individual needs of the client.

K  n  o  x  S  p  o  t     w o  r  k     s  a  m  p  l  e  s

R e s t a u r a n t   P r o m o   
W e d d i n g   H i - L i g h t s    


Depends on size of Project

(Contact Office for Free Estimate)

Do You Need to Live Stream?

KnoxSpot is currently working on Live Streaming software in which you can broadcast your event/ worship service.
Coming Soon!!

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