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Kingdom Advancement Program

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What is the Kingdom Advancement Program?

Kingdom Advancement Promo - Marcus Bragg, President

Kingdom Advancement Intro

I pray this letter has found you and your ministry in high standards! Recently, we have gotten a very generous donation in which we have allotted a scholarship fund to build and maintain Church websites and graphical needs for Churches in low income communities. This is part of our media give-back initiative of which we are proud to call it the ‘Kingdom Advancement’ program…advancing God’s Kingdom through media development.


What comes in this package?

This program will provide you with the following services for 6 months (Free of Charge).

  • Provide consulting (as needed)

    • Graphic Design Services

      • 5 Designs per month max

        • 1 Change per design 

  • Website Services

    • Building of Website

    • Ongoing Website Maintenance

    • Graphical Updates

    • Content Updates


What costs are involved with signing up?

There will be a processing fee of $1 per month during the 6 months as we have to have a credit card on file to show proof of scholarship. After the 6 months, the program will continue for 18 additional months at a covenant rate of $99/month. After that, the services will continue on a month-to-month basis.


What is the value of this program?

To help put this program in perspective, we charge secular groups $1,500 per month for this same package. Our scholarship program has allowed us to offset the costs to allow Churches and ministries the freedom to continue advancing God’s Kingdom without the extreme overhead to enjoy quality media services.


What if we already have a website?

This program also includes current website renovations. So if you have a site that is sub-par or mismanaged, we can go in a renovate the site and get it back to something respectable.


What type of Graphics do we get each month?

Any type of designs that you like. Each month, this program allows for up to 5 graphic designs of any kind. Examples are anniversary flyers, Church Logos, announcement flyers, business cards, banner designs, newsletter covers, etc. These graphic designs are based on the individuals needs of the Church/ ministry so use as you see fit.

First Come-First Serve

There are alot of ministries who are already taking advantage of this program. And although we would like to serve everyone, we can only service the 1st 500 ministries who sign up for this program. 

How do I get started?

Contact our office at 865.585.8585 for a video conference or face-to-face meeting with you or your group. Once the service agreement is completed, your 6 months will begin.

Client Testimonies

KnoxSpot Media is an answered prayer to our media ministry at our Church. They really took the time to work with our group of volunteers and took our graphics and website to the next level. Thanks again for all your work in the Kingdom! Many Blessings!!!

Pastor Derick Wakefield

Knoxville, TN

KnoxSpot's ability to get the job done quick, fast and in a hurry is exactly what we needed at our Church. Their attention to detail really hits a homerun with me. Looking forward to continuing to co-labor together for the Kingdom's sake.

Pastor James H. Davis

Eternal Life Harvest Center

If we tried to do everything that this package offers with a secular company, we would be paying in the upwards of $1,000 per month. So grateful for the money we are saving and able to place in other areas of need and still get awesome professional results!...Go KnoxSpot!!!

NyKeesha Lee

Harrisburg, PA

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Kingdom Advancement Website Samples
Kingdom Advancement Graphic Samples
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